Member Protection - Working With Children Check

What is Working With Children Check?

Working With Children Check (WWCC) is a NSW Government requirement for anyone who is involved in child-related work. The WWCC is a national criminal history check and review of findings of workplace misconduct. All persons (aged 18+) volunteering or a paid employer who work with children must undertake the test. Once you clear the WWCC you will be issued with a WWC number, which then must be provided to their employer (Association / Club) to be able to work with children.

Who is exempt from the Check?

  • Volunteering by a parent or close relative of a child in activities for the child's school, early education service or other educational institution.
  • Volunteering by a parent or close relative, with a team, program or other activity in which the child usually participates or is a team member. 

If the volunteering work aligns with either of these descriptions, the parent does not need to get a Check unless the work is part of a formal mentoring program or involves intimate personal care of children with a disability.

When do I need to apply for the Check?

If you are new or existing volunteer in a child-related role you must apply by the 1st April 2015 

How do I Apply for a WWCC & Number?

  • STEP 1: Complete the application from On-line:
    • Go to and complete the on-line application
    • Select the blue START HERE box on the right
    • Select the Green box "Apply for Your Check" and then complete all sections of the form ensuring that:
      • You insert your full name as stated on the Proof of ID you intend to use
      • In the Child Related Sector section - select "Clubs or other bodies providing services to children"
    • ​When you have completed the application, click NEXT in the lower right corner
    • You will then receive an email with an application number similar to this APP1234567E
    • Print out the email with the Application Number and proceed to Step 2
  • STEP 2: Attend a Motor Registry: To complete the process you must now attend a NSW motor registry and take with you
    • Your application number, and
    • Proof of your identity (i.e. NSW Drivers Licence or other ID as listed on your application).
    • $80 fee if your role is paid work (Paid workers pay $80 for a 5 year clearance)
  • STEP 3: Provide your WWC Number to your Employer (Association / Club):
    • Applicant should receive your WWCC Number by email within 10 days or by post (if you do not have an email)
    • Applicant must provide their WWCC Number yo employer (Association / Club)
    • Employer will verify your clearance through an on-line checking system, once verified applicant can commence working with children.

If you already hold a WWCC number you must provide it to your employer (association / club). Example of a WWCC number: WWCC1234567E

Association / Club must register as an Employer on the WWCC System:

Before a association / club are able to verify your employee WWC numbers the employer (Association / Club) must register for the WWCC. When completing the "Employer Registration" select the Child Related tab called "Clubs and other bodies providing services for children". Employer must also choose a Username and Password for your for your club / association, be sure to make it something easy to remember and keep on record.

To register your Association / Club as a WWCC Employer - Click HERE

 Association / Club can now start verifying:

Now your Association / Club is registered as an employer you can start verifying your employee's WWCC numbers.

To verify your employees go to and log in (use your Username & Password). Select the Verify option and then input your employees details: Surname, DOB and WWCC Number and select Verify. Once verified you should get a clearance message.

Final step is to record your Verification details using WWCC Verification Record Template provided by Cycling NSW (see below). Only once the employee is verified the applicant / employee can begin working with children. 

Member Protection Information Officers:

Link below is a brochure on MPIO training. The training is a 2 part process

  1. Complete the online component on the Play By The Rules website
  2. Attend a face-to-face workshop. Upcoming workshops are on the "Office of Sport" website

Private Coaches:

Coaches providing private services to children will also need to apply for a new Working With Children Check. Coach should provide their name, date of birth, and WWCC number to parents/carers for on-line verification. Applications for a Working With Children Check can be made at The Office of the Children's Guardian has produced a parent verfication process for private coaches to display their name, date of birth and WWCC number. Poster can be viewed by clicking Here. A WWCC bar or interim bar means the tutor or coach cannot work or volunteer with children in NSW.

Additional Resources:

  • More Information:

NSW Working With Children Check is now administered by the Office of the Children's Guardian.

(updated 27/09/2016)