CNSW Approved Sponsorship Apparel

Conditions of Sponsorship

  • Minimum sponsorship arrangement must be no less than $500 cash.
  • Each member must obtain permission of his or her Club prior to accepting a sponsorship and entering into any
    agreements for sponsorship.
  • The following parties must sign off on sponsorship agreements.  

    1. Members subject to the sponsorship
    2. Each members Club Secretary
    3. The Primary Sponsor (all other sponsors names to be listed however only the primary sponsor is required to
      sign the agreement)

Kit Registration Process

  1. Email an artwork of the proposed Team Kit to for approval. (note: do not order
    uniforms until you have received approval from the CNSW Technical Commission)*
  2. Obtain CNSW Technical Commissions approval of proposed kit design
  3. Fill out Individual / Group / Team Sponsorship Agreement Form
  4. Obtain member, each member Club Secretary and Primary Sponsor signatures
  5. Pay Sponsorship registration fee ($110.00 per rider).

*Please note: A kit will only gain approval from the CNSW Technical Commission if it does not clash
 with any currently approved club or sponsored kits.

Approved Sponsorship Apparel